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Fallen Princeborn: Stolen by @jeanleesworld #bookreview

I’ve decided to share some of my favourite fantasy reads here on the blog.


In rural Wisconsin, an old stone wall is all that separates the world of magic from the world of man—a wall that keeps the shifters inside. When something gets out, people disappear. Completely.

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Escaping from an abusive uncle, eighteen-year-old Charlotte is running away with her younger sister Anna. Together they board a bus. Little do they know that they’re bound for River Vine—a shrouded hinterland where dark magic devours and ancient shapeshifters feed, and where the seed of love sets root among the ashes of the dying.

Charlotte only cares about two things: her sister, Anna, and music. She gets the chance to take Anna away from the horrors of their hometown thanks to a music scholarship. But things don’t work out as planned. The bus breaks down. Fairy things impersonating humans show up. And Charlotte is the only one who notices that this is wrong. When Anna is stolen by the fairy things, she gives up everything to save her sister. Then, of course, the real story starts.

I like how Charlotte grows. I like her mysterious powers – it will probably be explained in the next book. I like how she keeps everyone off-balance.

The fairies – the velidevour – is a great creation. I enjoyed their politics, their needs and wants. I like how the Bloody Prince uses the new tree to feed his people…

My favourite character is D. I liked him when I read the short stories (Tales of the River Vine) and he didn’t disappoint in the novel. Arlen is great, too.

I only have two issues with the book: the “author note” in the middle of the book asking if I’m enjoying the story (totally pulled me out of the book, making me plug the tablet in to charge and I did something else for a couple of hours before returning to the book). And the POV issue (head hopping from one character to another in the same scene. Confusing.) – but that might just be a personal preference.

A great book with interesting themes.

Shelves: books that should have a trigger warning; college young adult; dark fantasy; faeries; fantasy; favourite setting; folklore; mental health; new adult; upper young adult

There you have it! Go check out this awesome book.

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