Copyright, Fair Use and Other Stuff

The Written Word

Anyone who reads my blog regularly knows that I like to add snippets from other blogs (with links and proper attribution back to the source) to underline the importance of something or to add to the information provided. The technology on this blog does all the work of contacting the original source and letting them know that there’s a pingback on their article.

I’m all for cross-promotion as long as proper attribution is given and links to the original source provided (I do the same with certain folklore books). I believe that this is a good way to get someone else’s work in front of a new audience who might be interested in what they have to say. (This actually falls under the fair use thing, see below.)

If you do not agree with this and I had used snippets from your work on my blog and you wish for me to remove it, don’t lodge a DMCA complaint, just email me (address is on the Privacy Policy page) and I’ll remove the material.

Visual Sources

Images on the site are either from Pixabay, Morguefile, Unsplash or another provider of free for commercial use, creative commons images, or photos I took myself, or sketches/drawings I made myself, unless otherwise stated.

If you believe that the image is actually yours, I suggest you contact the above providers and lodge a complaint with them and then send me an email so I can make the necessary changes (you’ll probably have to prove to me that the image I got from the above providers didn’t belong to them in the first place).


If you want to learn more about copyright and fair use stuff, check out these links: