A to Z Challenge Folklore

Vengeful Furies #AtoZChallenge #folklore

F is for Furies. Vengeful goddesses who destroy the wicked… Sounds awesome! Folklore The Hymns of Orpheus, Translated by Thomas Taylor [1792] TO THE FURIES The FUMIGATION from AROMATICS. VOCIFEROUS Bacchanalian Furies, hear!Ye, I invoke, dread pow’rs, whom all revere;Nightly, profound, in secret who retire,Tisiphone, Alecto, and Megara dire:Deep in a cavern merg’d, involv’d in …

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Selkies: Mysterious Seal-Faeries #folklore

Selkies are such marvellous Fae. Not only are they able to take two forms, they are also able to grant wishes and bring luck. They’ve captured the imagination of artists, writers and folklore enthusiasts. They are another great addition to the therianthrope group: changing from seal to human form by shedding their skin. Therianthrope n …

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Book Club Questions: The Inn #books #fantasy #YA

Celebrating the success of The Inn, I’m sharing a couple of book club questions. Book club questions The Inn Did you like Kelly’s need for assistance – despite her being this awesome warrior? Did you see the similarities between Grimm’s Fitcher’s Bird and The Inn? What do you think of Kelly? What do you think …

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