Adventures with Rottweilers

Rotties and Cancer #Rottweilers

Cancer is one of those things that we don’t like to talk about — especially when it comes to our furbabies. Unfortunately, it is a fact of life. What is Bone Cancer? The primary bone tumour in dogs is osteosarcoma. (Primary means it starts in the bone.) This disease most commonly affects the limbs. Though …

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Insecure Writer's Support Group

A Decade of Writing #IWSG

It’s a new month and time for another posting of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group. July Question: There have been many industry changes in the last decade, so what are some changes you would like to see happen in the next decade? You know that Quick-Quotes Quill Rita Skeeter has in the Harry Potter books? …

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Surreal Sea Nymphs #folklore

Sea Nymphs embody all that’s good about the sea. There’s something magical about them. Being so different from mermaids in general gives them an even greater ethereal quality. Folklore Fictitious and Symbolic Creatures in Art by John Vinycomb [1909] Amphitrite, his [Poseidon] wife, one of the Nereids in ancient art, is represented as a slim …

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Author Toolbox

Writing Characters: A Case Study #AuthorToolboxBlogHop

It’s time for another posting of the Author Toolbox Blog Hop. This month I’ve decided to write about something that has been bothering me since February. Grey’s Anatomy. Specifically, the treatment of Alex Karev. I’ll preface this with: I love Grey’s Anatomy. I binge watch. I re-watch. I marathon watch with my girlfriends and select …

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