Adventures with Rottweilers

Humungous Fungus #Rottweilers

OR the Myth about the Ringworm: It’s NOT a Worm. As per usual, Caitlin has come up with something new for me to write about. I dose my rotties with Milbemax so they won’t get Spiro like Jazz did, and are protected against all worms. Turns out having “worm” in the name doesn’t make it …

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Bookish News

The Harpy by @HutchingsJulie #bookreview

I have another book review for you! This one haunted me for a while and I’ve been unable to read as much as usual after it… maybe that’s a trigger warning in itself 😉 Charity Blake survived a nightmare.Now she is one. Punk-rock runaway Charity Blake becomes a Harpy at night—a treacherous mythical monster who …

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The Wily Will-o’-the-Wisp #folklore

One of my favourite faeries to use in my writing – sometimes just popping up in a story without forethought! – is the will-o’-the-wisp. Folklore Most faeries with fiery appearances and a tendency to lead night-time travellers astray are categorised as “will-o’-the-wisp”, which is why there are so many differing names for something that seems …

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