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Book Review: Map of the Impossible by @JFPennWriter #BookReview #DarkFantasy #Thriller

Last year, I shared my reviews of the first two books in this dark trilogy. Today, I’m thrilled to share my review of the final installment of the Mapwalkers trilogy with you.

About the Book

map of the impossible cover

A journey through the realm of the dead.
A threat that will change the world.
A choice that might save everything—or end it all.

As natural disasters sweep Earthside, a mutant army rises in the Borderlands, driven by the dark force behind the Shadow Cartographers.
Sienna and the Mapwalker team must use the Map of the Impossible to journey through the realm of the dead and face the nightmare at its heart.
But when one of their number is taken and the team begins to break apart, each Mapwalker must face their greatest challenge.

Can the Mapwalker team reach the Tower of the Winds before the Shadow claims Earthside?
Will Sienna choose Finn — or turn away from the Borderlands forever?

Map of Plagues is book 3 of the Mapwalker fantasy adventure trilogy.

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My Review

This last adventure of Sienna was so much fun to read. Though there was a lot of foreshadowing as to what the end would be, it was still a surprise.

Loads of awesome description brought the journey to the Borderlands alive (some scary stuff deep beneath the earth) and Zoe was a great addition to the team and to the magic of Mapwalkers.

I like what happened to Mila and the Waterwalker possibilities of the future.

The action scenes were superb and the story took one on an emotional rollercoaster. Everything wove neatly from one place to the next making this a page-turner that I couldn’t put down.

A great ending to Sienna’s Mapwalker story.

*I received an ARC from the author and this is my honest opinion.

5 stars

Have you read this trilogy by J.F. Penn? What do you think of mapwalking?

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