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Help Me, Please! #IWSG

Not the way I thought things would be going right now…

Check out the details here.

But that’s life, right?

I have clung to this hope that if I just work as hard as humanly possible, write (polish and publish) as many books as possible in the shortest amount of time, I can influence algorithms and sell more books and gain more fans.

For the most part this strategy is working. “The Fae Realm” – my lead magnet that is free on all retailers – is downloaded consistently. My email list is growing. I am selling books.


For the effort I’m putting in, my ROI (return on investment) isn’t what it should be. I’ve looked at the data, tweaked a few things, tried the Goodreads review groups, but I’m screaming silently in a crowd.

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

And then I remembered something fundamental: the IWSG isn’t just for us to commiserate, celebrate and have awesome friends – it is also to help each other. Just like Alex said in this awesome post he wrote for my blog.

So will you help me? Please? All of these are short fantasy reads.

For May and June, I want to focus on getting the word out on “Dark Desires”. I have two excellent reviews (thanks Jacqui and Louise!), but I can definitely do with more. I’m also thinking guest posts about the book (YA fiction, folklore, dark fantasy, about beta readers, character interviews with playlists) and interesting interviews to help readers get to know me and my work.

For July and August, I want to focus on the launch of “Magic at Midnight”. Technically, it will be published at the end of May in time for my author experience function 1 June (I’ll talk about this in July). Again I’m looking for reviews, guest posts and interviews.

For September and October, I want to focus on “Black Moon”.

For November and December, I want to focus on “Freedom”.

Universal Book Link Freedom.

Next year, I’ll focus on the others.

Yeah, “focus” is my watchword right now.

And, of course, I’ll return the favour. Just check out my March #bookblast posts.

I don’t like to ask for help. I’m one of those people who want to be able to do everything on her own. But I do know that I need help from this awesome community. If you can think of other ways I can promote my work without being sleazy, please tell me in the comments (or add it to the form under “other” if you are willing to help me).

Have an excellent month!

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37 thoughts on “Help Me, Please! #IWSG”

  1. There is a blogger by the name of Colleen Cheseboro, “The Faery Whisperer”. She does book reviews of fantasy, myth, fairy genre and she hosts guest author posts. She gets a lot of traffic and might be able to help you get the exposure you want.

  2. Ronel, I’m happy to help. That is the strength of this support group. I’ve filled out your form – let me know what format you think is most effective.

  3. Ronel. I would like to help. Need a little time to figure the best way to help you. Need a few weeks. Retiring and relocating this month…
    Things are moving quickly. More to follow 🙂 Blessings✨

  4. I can’t sign up for a post on my blog because I only blog once a week and my schedule is full. But there are other ways that I can help if you’re a follower. I talk about it today on the blog if you’re interested.

  5. You have some cool covers! Asking for help is always hard, always. Good for you for doing so. Thank you for dropping by my blog and commenting…

  6. The comment thing on WP. Go to Dashboard, then to settings, then to Discussion. If you scroll down you will see Before a comment appears and Comment Moderations. You can make it where you only have to approve a person once and after that, they can post without moderation, however, I do suggest you approve the first comment because experience shows spam gets through otherwise. Anytime you clear you que or cookies you will have to reapprove once until you maintenance again, but that is a lot better than every single time.

    I signed up left a suggestion too.

    I think you are awesome in all you do, impressive and inspiring. I can’t keep up in my own stuff or remember half of it or not get overwhelmed where I shut down and have to put it aside for a while before I go back. I can’t get all done either I am struggling with that.

    1. Thanks, Juneta 🙂

      I contacted some tech help and they added two more steps for me — hopefully commenting and liking posts on my blog will be much easier for readers from now on.

      The support from my blogging friends has been overwhelming — I should have asked for help months ago. Taking a breath and accepting help really helps with the overwhelm 🙂

  7. I signed up to do all these things! I’m not a good candidate for reading/reviewing except in June and July, probably, but I’d love to host you for a guest post, or just feature the books. Of course, with all my erratic posting and presence the last few months I’m not sure if anyone’s reading me. But having you on my blog might bring some people back! 🙂

    Sadly, I have no great other ideas for publicity. If you find the magic formula, please share! 😀

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