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Book Review: Well of Ash by @ElleCardy #fantasy #yalit

I got the chance to read an ARC of Elle Cardy’s newest book and absolutely enjoyed it. Look out for a guest post by the author later this month.

About the book:

If the whispers call your name, run!
Seventeen-year-old Ashina has more in common with an untamed fire lizard than the people who are supposed to be her new family. After running away, she’s drawn to the city’s mysterious Great Well. No one knows who built them across the world or why. To linger near makes the skin crawl and the mind drift in nightmares. And yet this one calls to Ash in whispers that pull her closer.

Despite the warnings from a handsome stranger with gorgeous eyes, Ash searches for answers in dangerous places. Soon she’s caught in a tangle of peculiar events she can’t explain or escape. When both her sanity and life are threatened, she realizes she has more to lose than she thought. Ash must find the answers before she loses everything she holds dear.

If you like dragons, magic, and a fierce heroine with a wounded heart, then you’ll love Well of Ash, a YA Fantasy novella by Elle Cardy. Jump in today to unravel the secrets. 

Check it out on Goodreads.

My Review:

In a city with different zones of where the rich and the poor dwell, where they are so “enlightened” that the gaps between the rich and poor are vast, where they persecute any who are different, a young woman celebrates her seventeenth birthday alone on a balcony as the people who took her in after her family died plan a huge party that probably has nothing to do with her. At least there’s a dragon keeping her company.

Ash is an interesting character with so much pain she endures and lies about herself she believes. Sooty the dragon is my absolute favourite character in this book.

I liked the way the story unfolded, with small hints of who and what Ash truly is. I enjoyed the strange magic and the worldbuilding.

The place Ash finds herself drawn to is vividly described and I liked how the various dragons congregated there. I liked that the dragons get fed by a rat catcher. Lacc is such a sweet guy for such a tragic place he lives in.

I liked the extracts at the beginning from the diaries of prominent people in this society and their thoughts about magic, the Age of Barbarism and other concerns.

I liked the idea of the Great Wells and would have liked to explore them and their effect on the world more. Perhaps in a sequel?

An enjoyable, unpredictable story.

*I received an ARC from the author and this is my honest opinion.

4 stars

What do you think of this book? Have you read anything from this author before? Do you like dragons?

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