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Book Review: Van Helsing Academy by @StaceyONeale #YA #paranormal #bookreview

A couple of weeks ago, e-friend J recommended a book on Instagram and it resonated with me. His review is much more in-depth than mine, so if you want to know more go check out his review.

About the Book

cover of van helsing academy

Welcome to the Van Helsing Academy: a rehabilitation center for vampires, shifters, and witches who don’t like to follow the rules.

Mina can’t remember anything about the night she was attacked. All she knows is what she’s been told: she got separated from her team during a mission and turned up two months later covered in cuts and bruises alongside two dead vampires.

After being blamed for their deaths, she is sentenced to three years at the supernatural rehabilitation center, the Van Helsing Academy.

As Mina searches for answers, lies are slowly unraveled and alliances forged. Soon she will uncover a secret plot that threatens to destroy her family legacy and ignite a war between the supernatural factions.

Van Helsing Academy is the first book in a new YA paranormal romance series. No harem. Perfect for fans of Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead, Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins, and Mythos Academy by Jennifer Estep.

Check it out on Goodreads.

My Review

Mina is an interesting girl who goes through lots of character growth. She makes friends with a shifter, learns that the world isn’t divided into good people (reapers) and supernaturals (witches, shifters and vampires) — and confronts the Lie she believes about herself.

Sacha is just wow. I have a new appreciation for werewolves.

I liked the sly references to Dracula.

The book’s heat intensity (and nudity for fun) is a little too high for YA, making this more of a college YA or NA read in my opinion.

If you like stories like Vampire Academy (Richelle Mead) and Grimm (TV series), you’ll like this. I can’t wait for book 2.

4 star rating

Have you read anything by this author? Have you read this book? What do you think about the Van Helsing Academy?

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