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Book Review: Tree of Life by @JFPennAuthor #thriller #bookreview

I finally got around to reading the newest installment in the ARKANE series.

About the Book

An ancient manuscript that leads to the Garden of Eden.
A Seed that can restore the world to nature … but only by destroying humanity in its wake.

When a fragment of an ancient manuscript is stolen from a Jewish library in Amsterdam, ARKANE agents Morgan Sierra and Jake Timber discover a conspiracy that stretches back to the days of the Portuguese Empire, and a hidden Order of monks who have protected Eden for generations.

Meanwhile, a radical ecological group seeks the powerful Seed at the heart of the Garden intending to restore the world to its natural state with no thought of the consequences for humankind.

From Lisbon to Macau, the Caribbean and on to Brazil, Morgan and Jake must hunt for the fragments of the manuscript and find their way to the Garden of Eden before those who wish to turn its secret into blood.

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My Review

Another fast-paced adventure where Morgan and Jake travel the world to save it from catastrophe.

I liked the vivid descriptions of each destination and the history of the people and the map they hid.

I liked the differing points of view regarding Nature and the fanaticism involved – Morgan’s level-headed approach and her interesting choice at the end is quite brilliant.

I loved the scenes in the Garden and the various fight-scenes were well-crafted.

There were too many instances of head hopping, though. Jake and Morgan, the bad guy, the bad woman, another bad guy, the tech guy, a hostage – it got a bit much.

Another must-read for readers of theology-based thrillers.

4 unicorns star rating

What do you think? Will you read this book? Have you read any books by the author?

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