Blaze of Glory

One immortal. An eternity of fools.

Kit has had a full life playing tricks on mortals and immortals alike. But the Age of Information has taken the fun out of everything. She’s tired. She’s bored.

Since the leaders of most pantheons had agreed on setting up rest homes for immortals in the mortal realm, she had found one to her liking and had happily taken up residence.

Just one thing bothers her: Apollo.

The boy-god doesn’t believe in leaving others in peace. Limericks, pranks, archery practice indoors – he knows no bounds.

When Apollo’s antics threaten the peace between pantheons, only Kit can stop bloodshed with her trickery. But does she really want to?

Scroll up to buy now and find out if Kit will stop the other immortals from stringing Apollo up with his own intestines for his tomfoolery.

*This is the fifth book in the Irascible Immortals series.

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