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Home-Grown #AtoZChallenge

H is for The Parlotones

As I mentioned in my theme-reveal post, this month will be all about music and how it inspires my writing.

Today we’re looking at a band from South Africa. “Colourful” was used in an ad on one of the local TV channels, “Lisa se Klavier” and music videos of other songs were played just before my favourite afternoon TV show, ads for live shows came on regularly and I just couldn’t help but love The Parlotones from the first time I heard their music – and the fact that they tried to sing Afrikaans (“Lisa se Klavier”, klavier = piano), though it clearly isn’t their first language. I like their lyrics, I love their music, and I enjoy their public persona (check out the make-up).

What really endeared them to me, though, was when I heard on my favourite morning radio show (when I still had to commute), how the prankster Whackhead Simpson proposed to his girlfriend and The Parlotones sang “Baby Be Mine” during the proposal. When she said “yes”, they sang “Giant Mistake” just for fun.

How does this feature in my writing? Their songs get mixed into various playlists (drafting, rewriting, editing, non-fiction), they have a playlist all their own just because I love them, and I use them as “ambient noise” on occasion.

Favourite album: “RadioControlledRobot”  Favourite song: “Funny Face

Word of the day: home-grown

According to Collins English dictionary: home-grown adj produced in one’s own country

Do you like The Parlotones? Do you have a favourite music group/artist that starts with an “H”?

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8 thoughts on “Home-Grown #AtoZChallenge”

  1. Loved the music. Just sitting down for a peek at A to Z after being away from internet for three days (shock, horror) and the music was very soothing. Now to go and unpack!!!

  2. ANOTHER chance to use Kill Hannah…
    I feel obligated to bring you to my fandom.
    OneOfUs OneOfUs…

    “Kennedy.” I love that song.

    Maybe you’ll use “The Islander” by Nightwish later. Yes, that’s a totally different band and type of music. But check out the lyrics.

  3. Ronel,

    Here I am! 😉 For some reason, WP threw your comments into my spam folder but that’s not all bad. This allows me to respond to each properly and come to your correlating A2Z post. Clever, huh? Not really. lol East Tennessee homegrown artist would include Dolly Parton. She grew up in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains south of Knoxville about 45-60 minutes. She got her start on the Cas Walker radio show. My favorite mewsicians beginning with today’s letter is Huey Lewis and the News. They exploded in the 80s, especially with the ‘Back to the Future’ films. They even had a couple of H songs – Hip To Be Square and The Heart of Rock n Roll. Sadly, I noticed on Wikipedia that Lewis is losing his hearing and canceled all of his upcoming concerts as of April 2018.

    A2Z Little Mermaid art sketch ‘HAMMERHEAD’ shark

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