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Grr… #AtoZChallenge

G is for Green Day

As I mentioned in my theme-reveal post, this month will be all about music and how it inspires my writing.

Of course, the first song from Green Day I ever heard was “American Idiot”. I love the lyrics of their songs – and the music isn’t bad, either. I usually listen to them during rewrites and editing, though they’ve made it onto several first draft playlists. My other favourite group starting with “G” will be a surprise later this month 😉

Favourite album: “American Idiot” Favourite songs: “21 Guns” and “Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Word of the day: glockenspiel

According to Collins English dictionary: glockenspiel n percussion instrument consisting of small metal bars played with hammers

I love the lyrics of this song. I even quoted it in an earlier post this year. (Just ignore the images from “Twilight” if you’re not a fan.)

Do you like Green Day? Do you have a favourite music group/artist that starts with an “G”?

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22 thoughts on “Grr… #AtoZChallenge”

  1. Hoesit Ronel.
    How’s that for an unexpected greeting. No I’m not Afrikaans but I am South African. I recognized you’r Afrikaans Name though from a comment you left elsewhere.
    Music? Most of the music I used to listen to was 70’s music but I can’t for the life of me remember any starting with the letter “G”. The B.G’s comes to mind though.
    Blessings Meisie, Geoff in Johannesburg.

  2. Hi Ronel. I keep coming across American Idiot, by Green Day, but I’m not up with the modern music scrne, so I haven’t heard it. I will rectify it very soon.
    Nothing springs to mind that begins with G…. let me check my iPod…. Ah… Genesis, Gerry Rafferty, Gordon Lightfoot and George McCrae, but then ‘Rock Your Baby’ always takes me back to the summer of ***4 on the Isle of Wight…. (trying not to show my age, but everyone’s now guessed!)
    Looking forward to more of your musical letters….

  3. Green Day is awesome. And they do great charity work, which is not what one expects from a punk band, but there they are, making a difference. Dookie was one of the first CDs I owned.

  4. Ronel,

    My youngest daughter introduced Green Day to me with “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” or it might have been “American Idiot” when she lived at home. I think my favorite GD song is ‘Wake Me Up When September Ends’. The first band that comes to mind is Guns N Roses and the first G-song is ‘Grease’ Olivia Newton-John & John Travolta. Good share! Thanks for visiting my A2Z Little Mermaid art sketch series ‘Grimsby’ post!

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