A to Z Challenge

Zigging and Zagging #AtoZChallenge

Z is for Zag (Madonna)

As I mentioned in my theme-reveal post, this month will be all about music and how it inspires my writing.

If there is anyone who behaves in an unpredictable manner (see word of the day), it is Madonna. I grew up with her music. I’ve enjoyed the various phases her music has taken (think the cowboy 90s phase). Her music is always energetic, with great music and lyrics. She has found a way to be a force to be reckoned with in the music industry for longer than I have been alive (much like Cher).

When “Glee” did an entire episode about Madonna’s songs, I really got hooked. They used a lot of my favourite songs in that episode: “Vogue”, “Like A Prayer”, “Express Yourself”, “4 Minutes” just to name a few.

I use Madonna’s songs while drafting, creating characters, rewriting, editing and as background music while doing admin.

Favourite album: “Celebration” Favourite song: “Frozen” (and many others!)

Word of the day: zag

According to Collins English dictionary: zag vb to behave in an unpredictable manner

Do you like Madonna? Do you have a favourite music group/artist that starts with a “Z”?

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15 thoughts on “Zigging and Zagging #AtoZChallenge”

  1. I don’t listen to Madonna, but I certainly find music is a good accompaniment to my writing. I think most of us do. Mine is usually connected to whatever I’m writing, eg mediaeval music for a mediaeval fantasy.

  2. Wow! That is the first time I’ve seen that video of her new song Frozen. What a great video! She’s beautiful and doesn’t look very old for her age. I assume it is because of her new line of skincare (MDNA) lol. Even though I was late to the party, I’ve enjoyed your posts!
    Thanks for participating in the AtoZchallenge! Jackie’s Bookbytes Letter Z

  3. I haven’t listened to Madonna for awhile, but there was a time when I listened to her quite a bit. I hadn’t see this video before. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Ronel,

    I’ve always liked Madonna, as well. She’s an iconic pop artist. You shared an oldie of hers that I do not know, so I asked Google about it and learned it released in 1998. That explains a lot. From late 1996 through early 2000 we were going through a rough patch with DH out of work and we were trying to get a home business off the ground with very little success. Anywho back to ‘Frozen’. According to Wikipedia, this track is from her 7th studio album, Ray of Light and as a single reached the top of the US Billboard Hot 100 charts. I just can’t believe I do not know this song! WOW, thanks for the introduction! My favorite ‘Z’ band has to be ZZ Top! 🙂

    Congrats on crossing the A2Z finish line and I apologize for not making visits last month but I’m going to work my way back through your April theme to catch up. 🙂 BTW, I co-host the greatest weekly blog party with Monday’s Mewsic Moves Me and you’re invited to hit the dance floor with me anytime! 😉

    A2Z Little Mermaid art sketch ‘Zeus’

    1. Thanks, Cathy 🙂 There were so many great songs from Madonna to choose from, but the lyrics of this one caught me. Thanks for sharing the info on the song!

      This year’s A-Z, along with everything else I had to do, had me a little dizzy. But I did catch up!

      Thanks for visiting 🙂

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