A to Z Challenge Adventures with Rottweilers

Why Not? #Rottweiler #Writerslife

Y is for “Y-not”.

My blog is taken over by one of my Rottweilers…

Tony here. You’ll remember me from various photos and stories my human posts on her blog, various social media stuff and even as a character in a book. Did you see what I did with today’s letter? No? I used my name. Tony spelled backwards is “Ynot”, as in why not.

Cool, right?

I love thinking “why not?” in every situation.

Examples of my awesome life:

When I was barely six weeks old, I met my human and thought “why not chew her hair?”. A week later, I roughhoused with the full-grown pack alpha, because “why not?”. Two weeks after that, I escaped my pen where my twin just slept, ate and bit everyone, to hunt rats with the alpha. My human saved me from the rats’ nest among the roots of an old tree, scraping her legs something awful. But… why not? It’s an adventure.

I can go on and on, but I don’t think you want to know everything I’ve done in the last four years.

I always wonder why humans are so scared of trying new things. I know that my human takes a long time to try something new – something about planning and research that sounds to me a lot like Leonard Snart casing a place for a job – but at least she tries. Like when she started listening to the same story over-and-over in different voices… Weird, but why not?

(Ronel here: I was choosing a voice for my audio-book, not being weird at all, thank you, Tony.)

Anyway, I truly believe that you should live life to its fullest. You never know when you’re going to die. Just look at our previous pack alpha: healthy one day, dead from aggressive cancer the next. I can’t tell you enough how scared I was when my human got sick in February… But that’s life. And that’s why I ask myself “why not?” in every situation.

Try it a little: maybe you’ll find something awesome and do amazing things.

Tony might be a bit wild, but he has a point. Being overly-cautious might just stop us from having a wonderful, adventure-filled life. This probably fits in nicely with last year’s “Yes” post… I think that asking ourselves “why not?” in the publishing game might be worth trying: why not publish short stories as ebooks? Why not use your audio-book rights? Why not go out and socialise with other writing industry professionals? Why not…?

So, do you ask yourself “why not?” on a regular basis? What adventures have you had by simply saying “yes”?

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3 thoughts on “Why Not? #Rottweiler #Writerslife”

  1. Hi Tony, stopping by from the #AtoZ Road Trip. You are one adorable pup! I couldn’t agree more with saying YES to adventure. I’ve moved to six different cities as an adult just because I wanted to experience different regions in America.

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