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O is for OneRepublic

This is also an Author Toolbox Blog Hop post.

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As I mentioned in my theme-reveal post, this month will be all about music and how it inspires my writing.

I heard OneRepublic for the first time in the first season of Vampire Diaries. (Go take a listen – they use quite a few songs from this band during that season.)

I have so many favourite songs. So let’s just say that the entire album “Dreaming Out Loud” should be on your playlist (great for deep point of view), “Waking Up” is good, but this album is just a little too happy for me on most days (I know, I’m all dark and mysterious), “Native” is quite good with a great collection of songs. There are other albums, but I like these three the most.

Favourite album: “Dreaming Out Loud” Favourite song” “Say (All I Need)

Word of the day: oeuvre

According to Collins English dictionary: oeuvre French n 1 a work of art, literature, music, etc. 2 the total output of a writer, painter, etc.

This song also featured in the last episode of “Glee”.

How does this fit with the Author Toolbox? I’d like to give a bit advice to the other authors about publishing:

Precisely. There is so much to think about when you take that jump, so much hope that goes into it – and a lot of planning and preparation – that you shouldn’t look down lest you lose your courage. Go and listen to the music video above: it’s a great motivator J Go ahead and live your dream.

Do you like OneRepublic? Do you have a favourite music group/artist that starts with an “O”?

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30 thoughts on “The One… #AtoZChallenge #AuthorToolboxBloghop”

  1. I love One Republic. I think the first song I heard was ‘Secrets’ when I saw the Sorcerers Apprentice 🙂
    Music is one of my biggest inspirations. I love ‘I lived’ too, and I could listen to the Glee soundtrack all day!

  2. One Republic is not of my generation, or vise versa. I can’t think of a group that begins with O other than The Oak Ridge Boys. I like some of their music, but wouldn’t go so far to say they’re a favorite. Mine are Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, The Eagles, and Fleetwood Mac. Again, I’m old!

  3. That’s a really moving song (and video.) I’m not sure I’ve payed much attention to One Republic before, but I’d like to hear more. I don’t often listen to music while I’m writing. I used to have TV on in the background, but fell out of that habit for whatever reason.

  4. The word of the day is a good one and so are the One Direction songs that I have heard before but never played for myself. That’s going to change I think.

  5. I’m not hugely familiar with OneRepublic, maybe one or two songs but I do often find inspiration in music. One of my go-to’s for that is Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds but since you asked for bands/artists beginning with O, I’m going to say Otis Redding & Ozzy Osbourne.

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