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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly #AtoZReflections #blogging

I can scarcely believe that another April has come and gone! Though I don’t always write a reflections post, I thought I’d do so this year as some things nagged at me all month.

The Good

Doing folklore posts are definitely the way to go — they stay relevant even after the A-Z is done.

Creating folklore posts based on a challenge means thinking hard on what to include and what to leave off the list. It also helps with creating future lists.

The Bad

I definitely need to have my posts complete before April starts. All the scrambling to get each post ready before it goes live meant visiting others was quite erratic.

According to Google Analytics, the average time spent on a post is 59 seconds — which means that most people didn’t read before liking or just leaving.

Some people only “liked” posts, which is fine, but if their Gravatar doesn’t link to their site, I can’t visit.

The Ugly

Some people blogged on closed sites, such as Medium. As I’m not interested in creating an account there, I couldn’t comment.

And then there are those who never visit back… I always leave a “calling card” in my comments (name, relevant blog title with link embedded) to make things easy.

The Verdict

If I’m only looking for new visitors, followers and comments, this was a hard fail. But if I’m just looking to create evergreen content, it was an easy A.

Though there were people who only skimmed, I’m not hugely disappointed: my posts are meant for a specific audience and if they found my posts, they became immerged in the experience and read through older posts, too (according to Google Analytics).

I’ll be doing “An A-Z of Faerie” next year. Maybe with a twist?

My A-Z of Faerie 2021

A – Anubis

B – Black Sun

C – Cunning Cats

D – Dangerous Dryads

E – Elementals

F – Fickle High Fae

G – Goblins

H – Half-Mortals in Folklore

I – Different Imps in Folklore

J – Jengu: The Mermaid from Africa

K – Kappa

L – Ly Ergs

M – The Raven Faery: Morrígan

N – The Nightmare Steed (Dullahan)

O – Odin

P – Paladin

Q – Quandary: Season Fae

R – Rabbits and Hares of Folklore

S – Solitary Fae

T – Tooth Faeries

U – Unnatural Magic (necromancy)

V – Keeper of the Veil

W – The Ultimate Fae Warrior (Cian the Assassin)

X – X-factor: Iron and Fae

Y – Hungry Yumboes

Z – Zipping Sprites

an a to z of faerie with faery image

My Favourite A-Z Blogs 2021

The Multicolored Diary — folklore galore!

Black and White — mythical and imaginary places.

The Other Side — folklore monsters.

The Great Raven — Greek mythology

What Are They — book and blog recommendations

These blogs gave me ideas of what I could do in future A-Z posts (if it ever happens that Faerie runs out of creatures…).

My Top Commenters A-Z 2021

Some of my posts received no comments, but for those who did, this lot nearly always commented.

Anne Nydam from Black and White

Olga Godim from Olga Godim Writing

Zalka Csenge Virág from The Multicolored Diary

Anne Doucette from Anne Higa

Timothy S Brannan from The Other Side

They always left thoughtful comments that added to the conversation.

act as if what you do makes a difference it does william blake

How was your A-Z this year? What did you experience? What did you blog about? Any questions?

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6 thoughts on “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly #AtoZReflections #blogging”

  1. Thank you for the shout out! I really enjoyed your theme and your posts this month. I agree, people do skim, but the audience you want that is really invested in your content will stick around anyway 🙂 Congratulations on completing the challenge!

  2. I’m glad you found it worthwhile. I’m never sure what these Google Analytics really mean. 59 seconds is okay if someone is really just ticking off people, but they miss the beauty of what you do. I’d rather have five people read the post, and hopefully like it, than 20 opening it and leaving again. But then, I’m old-fashioned that way!

  3. Hi Ronel!
    Thanks for the shoutout. As you observed, your posts were pretty long but also quite interesting. I made a mental list of blogs I wanted to look at when I had more time and yours is at the top of my list. Just because the posts are so long and time intensive. I wouldn’t necessarily consider this a fail, as the content is – as you said – evergreen. I know sometimes I would only be able to spare a minute or so to visit any one site, so a minute average time isn’t that bad at all. That’s actually pretty good if you think about all you can do in a minute. Anything over ten seconds or so means at least some digesting of material, even if not all of it. Have a great day!

  4. Ronel, I always enjoy your posts and how much work you put into researching and pulling them together. I’m with you about reading instead of just skimming (and continuing to write for those people who do actually want to read, even if they are a minority.) Looking forward to whatever twist you come up with next year!

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