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Rewriting. Relearning. Rewarding. #IWSG #writerslife

It’s the first Wednesday of a new month and time for another posting of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group.

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Over the last couple of years, I’ve been rewriting posts from my old blog and publishing them on my website. I had learned so many things about online publishing since I wrote those posts (as far back as 2015) that they needed to change to fit my new blogging style and needs.

By doing these rewrites, though, I relearned some of the things that I’ve forgotten or shoved to the side for something new and sparkling. I even found ideas for new books!

It has been a rewarding experience.

Something fun I found while redoing these posts is that I had added quotes to them (not images, just words). Here are some of the best ones. Enjoy!

What interesting things have you found in your archives? How is this year treating you and your writing?

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10 thoughts on “Rewriting. Relearning. Rewarding. #IWSG #writerslife”

  1. Lovely quotes! Lately, I’ve been wondering whether it’s worth it to continue blogging as a fiction writer–and I realized I’ve been doing so for ten years, longer than I’ve been a published author. Months go by when the IWSG posting is my only new blog content.

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