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My Languishing TBR: T #AtoZChallenge2022 #Books #Bookreview

T is for Trouble

This year I’m taking a break from Faerie and doing an A to Z of my TBR (to be read) list instead. Each letter will have books starting with that letter on my list, a book I’ve read and reviewed (with the review!) and one of my books matching the letter with a link about more info about the book. I’ve decided not to include words like “A”, “The” and “An” during this challenge.

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About the Book I’ve Read

I found this series as I searched Amazon for books about witches in small towns. Another delightful Paranormal Women’s Fiction collection.

Getting divorced at 48 is hard. Almost as hard as discovering that your ancestors were part of a coven that was hunted to extinction…And you’re next

Cricket Hawthorne’s marriage has been on life support for the past two decades, but finally pulling the plug and starting over at dang near 50 is tougher than she’d imagined. Especially when she winds up back in her hometown of Rocky Knoll living in her Mee-maw’s basement and working at her cousin’s bakery for grocery money. Not exactly the life she’d dreamed of… 

Just when she wonders if she’s made a terrible mistake, she comes across an antique typewriter that gets her creative juices flowing. But when her fantastical stories become reality, she realizes her love life is the least of her problems. Something insidious is afoot in Rocky Knoll, and it’s up to her to figure out what it is, or her marriage won’t be the only thing without a heartbeat.

This is the first in a series of PWF (paranormal women’s fiction) novels called The Crow’s Feet Coven series, and ends on a cliffhanger. Book two will be available in April!

Check it out on Goodreads.

After barely escaping the business end of the hangman’s noose, Cricket Hawthorne wants nothing more than to forget it all…Maude the magical typewriter, Zoe’s stolen cauldron, Patrick the betrayer, and definitely the witch-hating, robe-wearing cult who tried to end her. Unfortunately, pressing the reboot button isn’t an option. Bringing The Crow’s Feet Coven back to their former glory is her destiny, whether she likes it or not. Too bad the powers that be will do whatever it takes to stop them.

It’s fight or flight, and she’s never been a quitter. Now, it’s up to her and her ragtag team to bring down the organization hell-bent on ridding the world of witches. But at what price?

Check it out on Goodreads.

A Paranormal Women’s Fiction with a bit of class, and a lot of sass, for anyone who feels like age is just a number!

Just when Cricket thought things couldn’t get much worse, Mee-maw’s a witch now too! And she might be the most powerful of them all.

The Crow’s Feet Coven of three is finally complete, but hell if any of them know what to do next. With the Organization still hot on their trail and a new enemy they hadn’t expected, their burgeoning powers will be put to the test.

If they succeed?

They will stop the senseless killing of witches around the world.

If they fail, their magic will fall into the hands of a being so evil, humanity itself is at stake. 

Check it out on Goodreads.

My Review

Writing Wrongs

A fun story for the most part. Some slow bits as she comes to terms with some things. A quirky love triangle – turned on its head when she starts questioning motives. Fun! But the sudden language use change in the end (particularly Patrick) was grating.

Will read the next book.

4 unicorn star rating

Brewing Trouble

So much fun to read! I enjoyed all the different types of magic, settings and emotional undertones.

Mee-maw stays my favourite.

Loads of twists – and the reveal at the end…!

Can’t wait to read the next book.

5 unicorn star rating

Stealing Time

A thrilling, action-packed ending to the series with loads of excellent description, difficult decisions, and the strength of sisterhood.

A magical fun read.

5 unicorn star rating

My Book

Twisted Tales

I hope you enjoyed this. For more books I’ve read and reviewed, check out either my Pinterest board about reviews or my Goodreads profile. Alternatively, you can check out my reviews on BookBub. Have you read any of the books? Loved or hated any of them?

*FYI, my reviews are my honest opinion and if something bothers me, I tell it straight. How else will anything change? My opinions are based on being a voracious reader and book buyer, not an attack on the author.* 

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12 thoughts on “My Languishing TBR: T #AtoZChallenge2022 #Books #Bookreview”

  1. Termination Shock is on my TBR, too. It keeps coming available for me at the library, but I keep putting it off. It’s such a commitment to read a Neal Stephenson book and it hasn’t come up at the right moment for me, yet.

  2. I just finished Termination Shock. Some great characters, but, hey I’m a Neal Stephenson super fan, so.

    Neal Stephenson is often on my nightstand. I’ve read a lot, not all, but a lot of his work. Cryptonomicon was my introduction. The Baroque Cycle an epic of 2700+ pp. and worth the commitment! REAMDE and Seven Eves great. Loved the clear call backs to secret societies in the latter. The Mongoliad is another historical fiction epic (I’ve stolen a few vignettes from this for my RPG gaming). In the beginning was … the command line is an essay for the computer programmer I still recommend to new engineers.

    Tale of the Body Thief by Anne Rice. Love. Lestat is so good at this point in his arc. Anne will be missed.

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