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Q is for Quit

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I’m doing folklore and book review posts to reach and please a larger audience. Previous years have shown select interest in both and to minimise blogging throughout the year, I’m focusing my efforts on April.

Focusing on an A to Z of my TBR (to be read) list, each letter will have books starting with that letter on my list, a book I’ve read and reviewed (with the review!) and one of my books matching the letter with a link about more info about the book.

I chose the books this year quite randomly from my Goodreads Want to Read page. Some are quite creatively added to letters.

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About the Book

QuitBooks for Writers: Dear Writer, You Need to Quit

I know, I know, you don’t want to quit writing, and I’m not going to convince you to quit writing. (I’m really not trying to do that…) 

But what if you could quit other things? Things that weren’t moving the needle? Things that weren’t bringing you the outcome you want? And there are *so* many things you do need to quit, if you want to be a career author.

How do I know this? Because I’ve coached thousands of writers. Six- and seven-figure authors, major award winners, midlisters, and new authors alike. And there are very important patterns to what writers need to quit, what we need to keep, and what we need to question.

Those patterns are why I’m here, writing to you.

Anyone can tell you what worked for them, and of course they can say, “it might not work for you,” but they can’t tell you why. I can tell you why. 

– Becca

Check it out on Goodreads.

My Review

I got the books after listening to every episode of The Quitcast for Writers. I had learned so much from listening to Becca, I knew I would learn more in the books. And I did. After a couple of chapters, I went and redid some of my systems – streamlining, organising and even removing superfluous stuff.

The humour and telling it straight way the book is presented makes even the uncomfortable subjects palatable. I had to laugh about our inner Sauron determining some of our actions – in a benevolent way, of course.

Despite some immediate action I was able to take, there is some dragon scale removal I’ll have to work on.

A good book for any writer feeling like they are on a hamster wheel not made for them.

5 unicorn star rating

About the Book

QuitBooks for Writers: Dear Writer, Are You in Burnout?

Chances are good, if this title caught your eye, you already know you need this book, so I’m not going to attempt to convince you.

The unprecedented burnout we’re collectively experiencing in the writing world today means two things.

We need to know the signs of burning out.
We need to know how to avoid that burnout pit.

Oh, and there’s a third reason, too… because if we need to recover from burnout, we need support, encouragement, and camaraderie. That’s why this book exists.

I’ve coached thousands of writers. Six- and seven-figure authors, major award winners, midlisters, and new authors alike. And there are patterns to what writers think and feel about our careers and our books. Those patterns are why I’m here, writing to you.

If you are overwhelmed, tired, frustrated with your career or your sales… if you’re stuck or stalled… come and join me inside these pages, and we’ll talk about why.

Why is key.

We’ve got this. Let’s get you out of this pit.

– Becca  

Check it out on Goodreads.

My Review

All the kale jokes in the world can’t stop the sting of burnout. The way Becca describes it… If I were able to cry, I would have. But I’d shut it all off. The pit is a very dark place. But now I will create energy pennies and start building that ladder. I’m also going to re-listen to the Burnout Recovery podcast episodes.

Thanks, Becca.

5 unicorn star rating

About the Book

QuitBooks for Writers: Dear Writer, You’re Doing It Wrong

These titles just keep getting better and better, don’t they? You Need to Quit, You’re in Burnout, You’ve Got Writer’s Block… does Becca just hate people and want us all to feel bad about ourselves?

Oh, no, dear writer… oh, no. Contraire mon-frere, as they say.

This book is the product of work with thousands of writers on what truly holds us back from the success that we want to have. There is one thing nearly all writers have in common when it comes to success road blocks:

How we handle doing it wrong.

Inside this book, I outline the most common ways we either get it wrong or get it right and why those things might be happening. The goal here is to share some of the patterns I see when coaching writers, and to hopefully help when your inner voice is worried you’re doing it wrong.

Join me, in these pages, for a little journey through your mind…

– Becca

Check it out on Goodreads.

My Review

It was good to read that I’m not the one at fault when certain techniques don’t work for me like they do for others – it’s like a weight has been lifted. And reading that some things I do that work for me and not the greater population because of alignment and personality was like an affirmation that I’m doing it the right way for me.

I really liked the lizard messengers and rope guard analogy.

A book every author should read, because we really shouldn’t believe that we have to do all the things.

5 unicorn star rating

About the Book

QuitBooks for Writers: Dear Writer, Are You In Writer’s Block?

Writer’s block.

Not the world’s sexiest topic, right? In fact, I have no doubt this book will go largely unnoticed, because let’s face it, no one wants to talk about this. Some people don’t even believe it exists. (Those people are wrong, by the way…) But that’s also why it’s so important to understand.

Writer’s block is basically the whispered sin in the halls of authordom.

But is it?

I’m an author and a coach of authors, and I hope you’ll join me, if you think this book is for you. If you struggle with writer’s block, or think you do, then at least take a look inside and see if this book is for you.

I think it might be.

– Becca

Check it out on Goodreads.

My Review

I like how Becca deconstructed all the reasons writers get writer’s block – including harmful myths that keep us stuck.

And though I suspected some of these things, it was good to read that it’s okay to have fallow seasons, to do most of the story writing in my head before it ends up on the page, and that approaching writing more like farming than factory work is good, made me feel validated in my process.

There is so much to learn from this book – even if you don’t believe in “writer’s block”. After all, there’s always something in the way of writing the story if you can’t get the words down, but saying it’s “writer’s block” has as many negative connotations to it as Voldemort…

5 unicorn star rating

About the Book

QuitBooks for Writers: Dear Writer, You’re Doing It Right

Not selling? Not writing? You need to read this book.

Selling is hard and the last few years have been harder still. When faced with the data of book sales or of small platforms or low-performing ads, we have questions.

Why am I not selling? Why am I not writing? What’s wrong with me?

What if you could know the answer to that question? Inside this book, I discuss the most common patterns for why books don’t sell and why authors don’t have success in writing, in selling, and in business. Each illustration comes with a coaching note for how to do these things better.

And sometimes, even if you’re not selling, even if you’re not writing, there’s a possibility the answer to “what am I doing wrong” is: “nothing.”

Maybe, just maybe, you’re doing it right.

– Becca

Check it out on Goodreads.

My Review

Some essential pain reading this one…

I liked how the stuck/block/burnout sections were more in-depth than in previous books and that nothing was repeated verbatim. Part two about selling was quite informative. I especially liked the rules vs patterns discussion. And reading that I was ignoring my own limitations… that struck a chord.

Loads of things to think on and work on from this book.

5 unicorn star rating

About the Book

QuitBooks for Writers: Dear Writer, Are You Intuitive?

When you “just know” how a story should go…

When you “have a feeling” about how that ad should run…

When you “get overwhelmed” by columns of data or the idea of running numbers…

Those are all types of intuition. Intuition, commonly misunderstood as being primarily driven by emotion, is actually a very quick ability to pattern-read, and is based in information-gathering that’s done so quickly, you’re not even aware you’re doing it. But… if you’re intuitive (about certain things only, or about everything), you can’t use concrete or linear decision-making strategies.

You might not be able to outline.

You might not be able to plan in concrete terms.

You might not be able to run those numbers.

So, what does that mean for you? How do you go about understanding the intuitive brain you have? This book is written by two coaches who have worked with thousands and thousands of writers, many of whom are “intuitive” in some way. Because we’ve noticed patterns in how these authors make decisions, and in how process can work in an intuitive way, we wanted to share this book with you.

Inside this book, you will find:

* the five types of intuition (and how to tell if you have them)
* the most common patterns of intuitive writers (and how to cope/strategize with that difference)
* the difference between running ads as an intuitive, and running ads as a concrete
* guidance for running an intuitive-decision-making business (especially as an entrepreneur)
* when not to trust intuition
* and so much more…

If you resonated with any of the first three questions (even if you didn’t resonate with all of them), we hope this book will help to provide some context around why you’re functioning the way you are, and some guidance for how to be the most successful version of yourself.

When you “just know,” and no one trusts that, you learn not to trust it. We’re here to help save your intuition from a world that doesn’t understand it. To help you wield this superpower.

Check it out on Goodreads.

My Review

When Becca did an interview on the Creative Penn podcast about this book, I knew I had to stalk her and listen to every podcast episode she released and read every Quitbook in the series. Because something just clicked for me when she spoke about being an intuitive writer. Her Quitcast and books haven’t disappointed. Each time I learn something new about my writing, my systems and why certain things don’t feel right to me even if everyone else is doing it. This book has answered so much about that. In a word: intuition.

I’m going to allow more silence in my life to make room for my intuition to speak loudly.

I love the Highlander quotes. There is so much to learn in this book, I can’t recommend it more. Unless you aren’t intuitive, of course.

5 unicorn star rating

My Book

Queen of Nightmares (Irascible Immortals #3)

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