The Faery Tales Series Collection

Shadows. Fae. Magic running wild. Adventure.

The Veil between the realms of the living and the dead is under attack.


Nightmares, creatures of Darkness, mythical monsters: They need to choose sides before its chosen for them.

By whom?

Valkyries and Furies fight over the souls of the dead, not caring over peculiar circumstances of mass deaths. Pixies pester humans more than usual – to their betterment or death.

Humans with magic use their gifts to fight against the fae… While those without magic, only have their knowledge of folklore to protect them.

Is it enough?

The walls between the Realms are thinning drastically and no-one is noticing. Or if they are, they don’t care or pretend it isn’t happening.

Raging fire. Searing cold. Disappearances.

Can Man and Fae survive this onslaught?

And who is behind it all?

Scroll up now to buy and embroil yourself in danger and magic while figuring out who is staging this coup.

*This is the first nine books in the Faery Tales series.