Dark Court Sisters Series

Three sisters. Three destinies. Three ways to destroy the world.

One hour teen, young adult and new adult fantasy short reads.

Iron and fae aren’t friends.

Yet Tasha has no choice but to be in the human realm: her very life is at stake.

High School isn’t much safer than Faerie, though. Cliques, falling in love and navigating day-to-day activities are dangerous enough without the added dread of being unmasked as being otherworldly.

But when something happens and everyone reveals their true selves, Tasha has a choice to make: will she save them from the curse upon them and reveal her true nature, or will she let them die and stay safe herself?

Scroll up to find out how Tasha deals with the upheaval of her world.

*This is the first book in the Dark Court Sisters series.



The scent of an old foe.

As a hunter for the High Council of Faerie, Kelly is sent to investigate strange disappearances in the town of Bremen. She stays away from The Inn, though: it calls to her warring nature. But as leads run thin, she uses the help of a young deathfae to gain entrance to the fae-run place.

She is confronted with her heritage and her past in her quest to bring peace to the region.

But can she do that without giving in to the shadows that call to her?

Scroll up to find out how Kelly deals with the dark dealings happening at The Inn.

*This is the second book in the Dark Court Sisters series.