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Margie “The Scaredy Dog” Review and Ruby’s Story #BookReview #DogStories

As part of Toi Thomas’s book tour for her latest release, I’m sharing my review and a short piece about one of my own dogs. Enjoy!

Margie “The Scaredy Dog” Finds A Home by Toi Thomas

Margie is a bit skittish. She’s a hunting dog who doesn’t know how to hunt, but she loves a good walk. Living in a shelter with other dogs, she has no idea that she could have a home and a set of humans all to herself. This is the story of how Margie “The Scaredy Dog” Finds a Home.

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About Author


A self-proclaimed techie and foodie, Toi Thomas was born in Texas, but considers Virginia to be home. Growing up, Toi had a strong interest in reading fiction and loved to watch movies. Working with computers and cooking lavish meals have become reoccurring pastimes for the former teacher’s assistant turned behavioral therapist, but now Toi wants to entertain the world with her writing.
Toi Thomas writes clean adult nonfiction and fiction in various genres and pens romantic comedy as Glorie Townson. She also writes and illustrates children’s book. Visit her at
Toi Thomas creates for, and connects with, her fans at

My Review

A cute story about a dog at a shelter who meets her new human parents and goes to her forever home. The author’s note says that Margie is still scared of everything, but she’s happy in her forever home. I like the detail in the hand-drawn illustrations. And the photos of Margie are adorable.

4 unicorn star rating

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You can win some merchandise connected to the book. Go to Toi’s website (here) to find out how you can enter.

Ruby’s Story

Toi asked as part of the book tour that we share a bit about our own pets. I decided to share about Ruby as she is my furbaby who shares a lot of fears with Margie.

We adopted Ruby and Stiles when they were six weeks old. They were rescued when their dame gave birth on the side of the road – not all the pups made it. The twins had a lot of nutrition issues and Ruby nearly died when she got “katgriep” as we call it, or parvovirus. She got well after a stay at the vet’s.

Ruby after she beat parvo.

And though she learned to trust living with us, she still kept herself to herself until after her third birthday when she realised that she wasn’t going anywhere. She’s not fond of cuddling, but she does hide in the bed with me during thunderstorms. She’s terrified of the loud thunder where we live and shivers until it is well and truly over. She also doesn’t like strange smells – especially from boxes, whether a delivery or a new appliance. And she doesn’t trust strangers and will hide in the house if people are on the property.

But she’s a fierce hunter – rats, beware! – and she raised our newest pups extremely well.

Ruby today.

I truly believe that adopting pets from animal shelters make the world a better place.

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