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Guess Who Has Burnout #IWSG #AuthorLife

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Some of you probably called it in January when I said I’m going to write more “and do all the things” with more pennames (that I still keep secret)… I’m in burnout.

I’m trying to build the ladder and get out of the pit, but it takes a lot of energy pennies.

Burnout is such an awful place to be – and it has several steps. I’m in the pit – the lowest place you can be. I didn’t even realise how bad things were until I read this book:

Chances are good, if this title caught your eye, you already know you need this book, so I’m not going to attempt to convince you.

The unprecedented burnout we’re collectively experiencing in the writing world today means two things.

We need to know the signs of burning out.
We need to know how to avoid that burnout pit.

Oh, and there’s a third reason, too… because if we need to recover from burnout, we need support, encouragement, and camaraderie. That’s why this book exists.

I’ve coached thousands of writers. Six- and seven-figure authors, major award winners, midlisters, and new authors alike. And there are patterns to what writers think and feel about our careers and our books. Those patterns are why I’m here, writing to you.

If you are overwhelmed, tired, frustrated with your career or your sales… if you’re stuck or stalled… come and join me inside these pages, and we’ll talk about why.

Why is key.

We’ve got this. Let’s get you out of this pit.

Check it out on Goodreads.

You can also listen to the Burnout Recovery playlist of the Quitcast for Writers by Becca Syme here and the Writer Burnout playlist here.

All the kale jokes in the world can’t stop the sting of burnout. The way Becca describes it… If I were able to cry, I would have. But I’d shut it all off. The pit is a very dark place. But now I will create energy pennies and start building that ladder. I’m also going to re-listen to the Burnout Recovery podcast episodes. Thanks, Becca.

My Review

I probably should have realised something was wrong when I started missing deadlines (my own – real and imagined) and when I had to cancel a pre-order.

And, of course, the nagging feeling that something was wrong with one of my books. (I fixed it, but it took longer than the week I’d promised a reader it would. Structural issues are like gremlins…)

I know what the catalyst was for going down the slide into the pit, and it’s a life-thing one cannot plan for or avoid: the death of a loved-one.

Anyhow, I’m staying offline as much as possible and doing things at a slower pace. Lucky me, one of my old day-jobs was happy to have me back.

It’s good to reach for the stars, but not at the expense of your mental and physical health.

I’ll reply to comments and visit back when I can. Have you experienced burnout? Have you read Becca’s book or listened to her podcast?

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7 thoughts on “Guess Who Has Burnout #IWSG #AuthorLife”

  1. Yes, I’ve been burned out and uninspired after my husband died for many years. It’s hard to get out of, but if the desire to write is there, you will at some point. I’m glad you’re going at a slower pace and got one of your day jobs back.

  2. Hi Ronel, as it’s been a week since you posted this, I hope you’re starting to feel a bit better. Sorry to read you lost your gorgeous boy.

    I burned out years ago when my kids were little but I was still trying to be as productive as possible (while also working a day job). I ended up not writing for a couple of years, but luckily the itch got to me and I returned.

    Now I try to put less pressure on myself. I watch other writers bringing out 3/4/5 books a year, but I’m a naturally slow writer and 1 every 2 years suits me. If I sneak in something extra – as I’m doing this year with some re-releases – then so be it, but I don’t expect it.

    Take care of yourself and allow time to relax. Let yourself be bored. Ignore your writing for a day or two, it’ll be there when you return!

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