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Book Review: Wicked Witch by @MmonteroBooks #YoungAdult #UrbanFantasy #BookReview

I really want to read more books featuring witches. So I did a search on Amazon. I only read the title, took a look at the cover and downloaded the book to my Kindle (it was free at the time I got it). Right now, I want to read books about young adult witches in an urban fantasy setting — this book’s cover and title promised it. And I wasn’t disappointed.

If you follow me on Instagram, you might’ve noticed that I do this new thing where I share what I’m currently reading (tagging the author in the post). Where other authors at least “like” these posts to show their appreciation (and sometimes comment!), there were crickets with this one…

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So much for author involvement — means I probably won’t join her newsletter or follow her on social media (which means I’ll probably forget about her and her books in this busy world…).

It’s time to claim my power…
All my life I’ve lived under lock and key, always following the strict rules my mother set for me. A week before my sixteenth birthday I sneak out of my house and discover why. Turns out I am not just a normal teenager. I’m a witch blessed with a gift someone wants to steal from me.
And not just anyone…the evil King Alataris.
For a thousand years the people of Evermore have suffered under his tyranny. The Mark on my shoulder says I am the Siphon Witch, one of five Witch Queens fated to come together and finally destroy him. The only thing keeping Evermore safe is the Stone that shields the witch kingdoms from Alataris’s magic…and now he’s found a way to steal it. Suddenly, I’m sent on a quest to find the ancient spell to protect the Stone. My only hope for surviving is through my strikingly beautiful and immensely powerful Guardian, Tucker. The laws of Evermore state that love between us is strictly forbidden, and it appears I’m the only one willing to give in to the attraction
When the quest turns more dangerous than expected I realize I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing. I was raised human. But I have to learn my magic fast because If King Alataris gets his hands on me he’ll steal my magic and my life…but if he gets his hands on that Stone we all die.
Featuring a powerful heroine, wicked magic, and a forbidden love you’ll be rooting for long after the book is over. Fans of Twilight, Harry Potter, or The Dark Artifices will love Megan Montero’s brand new urban fantasy series!
Pick up Wicked Witch and join the supernatural world of Evermore today!

See it on Goodreads here.

My Review

Witches, fallen angels, shifters, sirens, hidden worlds – this book has it all.

I immensely enjoyed this book. It has echoes of all my favourite YA books, but it’s a story, a world and characters all of its own.

Zin can be so brave and responsible, only to act like the sixteen-year-old she is. A well-crafted character. And I love her wardrobe!

The way the casts, the guardians and everything else fits together makes one want to read more.

A fun read. There are a few issues (pacing, too much showing, and added plot points at the end) but for a bit of light entertainment, it is highly recommended.

Shelves: books that should have a trigger warning, dark fantasy, fantasy, upper young adult, urban fantasy

It was a good book, not great, but good.

Do you read books featuring witches? Any recommendations?

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