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I’m happy to share the new release from efriend Sandra Cox. For other books from this author I’ve liked, go here and here.

Tagline: A trail boss with a fast gun. A damaged woman. A cattle drive fraught with danger. And a combustible attraction.


Be careful. Be careful. Be careful.”  Cookie’s strained voice echoed in the cave. She looked to her right. Her breath caught and she swayed dizzily. What she’d thought a dark and shadowy wall was black, empty nothingness. Taking a deep breath and calming her pounding heart, she held her lantern higher. There didn’t seem to be any drop-offs in the second chamber, three sides surrounded by ridged stone.

As she took a step forward, Happy put a hoof in thin air. The mule brayed, panicked, backing up into Cookie and Hope.

Cursing, Cookie sat down abruptly.

Lisa pulled the mule forward before it could step on Cookie. Nervous, the mule stepped frontward placing a hoof on Lisa’s too long slicker. It jerked her to the right and her foot went over the side.

As the reins slid through her fingers, the mule bellowed in fear and, brushing against her, bolted into the next chamber, its hooves clanging eerily against the stone, it’s hide scraping the wall. A ringing sounded in her ears as she lost her balance. Her arms flapping wildly, she tumbled sideways. She managed to right herself but not enough to stop the fall, grabbing the ledge as she went over. The lantern tumbling into the black where it landed with a splash into water far below.

For a moment, her feet dangled in the air then she managed to find purchase on the jagged rocks and dig her toes in.

An arm clasped hers. Cookie hauled her up.

Jeff Wade Character Facts

Most folks have a dog for a pet. Jeff has a calf that follows him around.

When his horse, who is carrying two people on his back, starts having trouble in a strong current while crossing the Red River on a trail drive, Jeff jumps on the back of a longhorn and rides it across.

When Wade men mate, like the wolf, it’s for life.

The Wades’ saga continues as Alex and Brandon return to Silverhills, bringing Alex’s friend Lisa with them.
They arrive home just as Jeff Wade, Brandon’s younger brother, is about to head a trail drive across the Chisholm Trail. But there’s a problem, the cattle drive cook has a broken arm.
A week later, Lisa sets out on the drive as the camp cook along with a group of Silverhills’ cowpunchers and a thousand head of longhorn. Trail drives are always dangerous, but this one has more than its share of perils. Snowstorms, flashfloods, hot lead and rustlers are just a few of the dangers they encounter.
And if that’s not enough for the trail boss to be dealing with, he can’t ignore the white-hot attraction he feels for the petite, lovely blonde who drives the chuckwagon like a seasoned camp cook. Jeff is very much afraid that falling in love could prove more fatal than the bullets flying along the Chisholm Trail.


About the Author

Sandra, who also writes as S. Cox, is a vegetarian, animal lover and avid gardener. She lives with her husband, their dog and cats in sunny North Carolina.

An award-winning author, her stories consist of all things Western and more.

She spent a number of years in the Midwest chasing down good Southern BBQ. By the time she moved to North Carolina where Southern BBQ is practically a staple, she’d become a vegetarian.

Pineapple is a must have on pizza, along with black olives and onions.

She loves pumpkin waffles. Pumpkin cream cheese, not so much.

Website | Cowboy Trivia | Blog | Twitter

What do you think? Will you read this book? Have you read anything by this author?

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  1. Congratulations to Sandra! I had to laugh at the part of her bio about seeking out good southern bbq, then when she finally moves to the south she can’t eat it anymore. (though we do have a place here in Walsenberg that does bbq jackfruit as an option, so who knows!?)

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