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Announcing the Theme for this Year’s #AtoZChallenge

I’d like to start by thanking J for reminding me of the Theme Reveal.

You can learn more about the A-Z Challenge here.

I decided to go a little off-road this year with my April posts. Usually I offer what I usually blog about, but I enjoyed the music-themed posts of others last April so much that I decided to do something similar.

I know some did posts on songs starting with a letter that got played the most or about a specific band/artist and using songs starting with the day’s letter, but I don’t think a month of Nickelback/Linkin Park/Within Temptation would be a good thing.

So I took a look at the different stages of writing and the different bands/artists I listen to at each stage and how they help me to write better (be in the zone for that specific scene). Some letters have only one artist/band, others have quite a collection.

For each letter, I’ll do a brief explanation of why this artist/band is awesome, how they help me to write, when I first heard of them (and when I actually took real notice of them), name my favourite album – and why it’s my favourite, add a link to their website/fan page, and add a music video from YouTube of my favourite song.

All posts will be short and to the point. There’ll also be only one music video per post. And maybe I’ll add “a word of the day”?

Are you going to join us for the annual A-Z Challenge this April? What do you think of my theme for this year’s challenge?

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9 thoughts on “Announcing the Theme for this Year’s #AtoZChallenge”

  1. Hi Ronel! This must be the first time I visit your new blog. I really like it 🙂

    That sounds like an awesome theme. Music themes are alwasy nice and I like the way you’re planning to go, by linking it to your writing.
    Tomorrow we start! Keep your feet!!!!

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