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Imagine #AtoZChallenge

I is for Imagine Dragons

As I mentioned in my theme-reveal post, this month will be all about music and how it inspires my writing.

This is a very recent acquisition to my playlists. I only started to pay attention to Imagine Dragons after a friend added two songs to a playlist she gave me. (I needed new music… apparently mostly listening to Linkin Park isn’t a good thing.) “Radioactive” is now a staple in my writing about fae in the human realm playlist. (It even features in “Dark Desires”.)

Favourite album: “Night Visions” Favourite song: “Thunder

Strangely enough, I don’t have other artists/bands starting with an “I” on this hard drive… I will make it a mission to go and check through my CDs and other hard drives in storage to see if I have anything else. So weird… I think I might have a CD from Indecent Obsession hidden away somewhere. This is fun: I haven’t updated my music library in a while, sticking to minimum songs on the new PC (well, I’ve had it for a year now, but it still feels odd compared to my previous awesomeness).

Word of the day: ictus

According to Collins English dictionary: ictus n 1 prosody metrical or rhythmic stress in verse feet, as contrasted with the stress accent on words

Do you like Imagine Dragons? Do you have a favourite music group/artist that starts with an “I”?

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7 thoughts on “Imagine #AtoZChallenge”

  1. I love that band Imagine Dragons. Florence and the Machine, Needtobreathe, Two Steps for Hell album Sky World, Future World Music, Epic North, X-Ambassadors, Counting Crows… All have some similarities that draw me to their sound.

  2. Oooh! I know a thing!!!
    The radioactive song was supposed to be for Spiderman (I think the play), but they didn’t use it, so the band made a few changes and now look who is super famous. Snap.

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